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StruCalc Pro lets you build, calculate, and visualize retaining walls, beams, columns, and other structural members in seconds. Our software allows you to get on-demand adequacy reports, adjust your designs on the fly, and customize a comprehensive printable report. All of these features and more—just $89 a month.

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What is StruCalc Pro?

Our top-tier engineering toolkit. StruCalc Pro is used by architects, engineers, drafters, and builders to perform calculations, design structural elements, and more.

Rapid Calculations & Seamless Revisions
Expedite your design process with ultra-fast computations to ensure your designs remain adequate after each edit.
Tailored Adequacy Analysis
Comprehensive adequacy analysis that provides an intuitive pass/fail grade for each of the requirements of your building code.
Material Requirements & Localized Cost Projections
Achieve accurate budgeting and resource planning with precise material calculations and cost projections based on localized material pricing.

Do more with StruCalc Pro

Retaining Wall Software Module

Experience the brand-new Retaining Wall module offered to users of StruCalc Pro. Effortlessly construct retaining walls using various materials and generate a comprehensive report for export.

Screenshot of StruCalc retaining wall module

Advanced features

Streamlined Structural Engineering

StruCalc exists to save you time. Features like triaxial loading support and multi-span analysis take care of the most complex calculations to ensure that you don't have to look any further for the features you need

Screenshot of StruCalc shear wall module

Reports & Output

Generate detailed and customizable reports with all of the information you could possibly need:

Adequacy percentages
A quick way to evaluate your design’s strengths and weaknesses.
VMD diagrams
Illustrates variations in internal forces and deformations along your structural members, providing crucial insight into their behavior under different loads.
Stability limits
Allow you to test your design against increasingly stressful loads and see the results in real & time manually edit the loads you have already defined.
Customizable print report
Allows you to include exactly what you need in your analyses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the advantage of using StruCalc Pro?

StruCalc Pro currently includes five advanced modules for retaining walls, bearing walls, wood shear walls, concrete & masonry beams, and concrete & masonry walls. These advanced modules allows professionals to create more specialized structural members effectively.

Does StruCalc Pro offer different load types?

Yes, StruCalc Pro offers many load types including dead loads, live loads, and environmental loads including wind, rain, snow, soil, and seismic.

Can StruCalc Pro automatically update designs when connected members change?

Absolutely. With StruCalc Plus and Pro’s Linked Loads feature, linked members will dynamically reflect the updated loading profile when your changes affect any connected elements.

Does StruCalc support multi-span columns?

Yes, StruCalc Plus and Pro support 10+ span beams, joists, columns, and embedded posts, for maximum utility in any situation.

How does StruCalc Pro assist in the design of retaining walls?

StruCalc Pro includes a Retaining Wall module which allows you to confidently design custom retaining walls before generating a comprehensive report.

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