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What if you could save time engineering your designs?

And without sacrificing on the quality, cost-efficiency, or originality of the final product?

Auto Sizing

Give us the details and we'll suggest the rest. Optimal rebar size, beam dimensions, or footing dimensions are a click away.

Quick Calcs

Ever wonder if you could get away with a smaller beam? With StruCalc, it only takes you a few seconds to find out.

Live Expert Help

When things aren't adding up, don't waste time figuring it out by hand or waiting for a response. Our support is top-notch.
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What Makes StruCalc Special?

What sets StruCalc apart from its competitors are its customizable and advanced calculations that cover a wide range of use cases and scenarios, enabling users to achieve quick results and easily iterate and test ideas—all while offering live customer support free of charge.

Pricing Plans for any size business

Start building for free. Try us out for 30 days or choose an annual subscription for a great deal.

Pay Yearly and Save?

StruCalc Plus

Twelve modules of advanced engineering tools for those who need a variety of tools.

Pay Yearly and Save?
$ 69 97 /mo

What's included in StruCalc Plus:

  • 12 Unique Modules
  • 10 span beams and joists
  • Out of plane loading
  • Advanced footing loads
  • & much more!

StruCalc Pro

The professional's choice. The ultimate package. 16 design modules and countless features.

Pay Yearly and Save?
$ 89 97 /mo

What's included in StruCalc Pro:

  • All features of StruCalc Plus
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bearing Walls
  • Wood Shear Walls
  • Concrete Beam Module
  • Masonry Beam Module
  • & more!

Not sure which tier you really need?

Schedule a one-on-one training demo and we'll walk you through everything you need to know. We leave no question unanswered.

Trusted by hundreds of cities, counties, and businesses.

US Fish & Wildlife Service
City of Bend, OR
City of Las Vegas, NV
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Ensure Your Engineering Calculations are Future-Proof

StruCalc Supports the IBC 2021

Every platform has been updated to support the 2021 International Building Code standard to ensure the most flexibility now and in the future.

The 2021 edition of the International Building Codes Book

Do more with StruCalc Pro

Retaining Wall Software Module

StruCalc Pro users can experience our new Retaining Wall module. Easily build retaining walls from a number of materials and export a comprehensive report.

Retaining Wall Module

The Original Linked Loads

Instant Calculations & Automatic Recalculations

StruCalc expedites time-consuming structural design tasks by performing quick calculations and delivering easy-to-read results.

Shearwall Module

Unparalleled support staff

Quick support, just when you need it

We don’t believe in automated support. You’ll get all the help you need from a live expert whenever you need.

Why Should You Trust StruCalc?

As a professional in this industry, you need tools that you can trust. That's why StruCalc is the go-to choice for thousands of users.

With over 30 years of experience, StruCalc has a proven track record of providing high-quality engineering software to professionals much like you.

Choose StruCalc for your structural design needs and you will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're not just using a tool, but working with a trusted partner.

Because each and every day we continue to design StruCalc with you in mind; We're dedicated to helping you spend more time focusing on what matters most.

Support resolutions:
308per month
Software releases:
4per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my old subscription still work?

    You bet! All Vitruvius subscriptions will be grandfathered in. Existing users will not notice any change in features or loss of access.

  • How much will Legacy StruCalc cost?

    Legacy StruCalc will be available at the same price, and is included in the Plus and Pro tiers. The pricing tiers are subject to change, but existing users are guaranteed to be grandfathered in and get the best deal.

  • How can I get access to the new retaining wall module?

    To get first access to retaining walls, make sure you have a Base II or III subscription before the launch. After the launch, your subscription will automatically be renamed to StruCalc Pro and include every feature available—including retaining walls!

  • What about advanced features like shear walls?

    Shear walls, concrete and masonry beams, linked loads, and all the other Vitruvius features you've come to rely on aren't going anywhere. These features still aren't included in the legacy StruCalc platform, but no one who currently uses Vitruvius will lose access to any features they currently have access to.