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  • The Advantages of Construction Design and Analysis Software for Architects

    Architects rely on engineers to evaluate their designs and proofs of concept. What if they could skip the back and forth with an engineer?

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  • A Guide For Using Architectural Design Programs For Beams and Columns

    This article discusses how architectural design programs work and what you need to know before using them. Click here to learn more information.

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  • The Latest Advances In Structural Design & Calculation Software

    The recent boom in the construction industry has resulted in new demands and downstream advances in structural design & calculation software

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  • The Most Important Aspects of the 2021 International Building Code

    The most recent IBC update has officially been released and is making its way to counties across the US. What do you need to know?

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  • How Structural Analysis Software Is Changing The Industry

    Analysis software is being used in a number of creative and interesting ways.

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  • What Are The Key Factors of Successful Design and Analysis Software?

    Know what to look for when shopping around: this blog post will explore the key factors and aspects of successful structural design and analysis software.

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  • What to Look for in the Best Structural Analysis Software

    What should you keep an eye out for when you're looking for structural analysis software? Here are our three quick tips.

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  • Structural Design Software vs Spreadsheets: When Should Structural Engineers & Architects Upgrade?

    Spreadsheets can perform many of the same calculations as structural design software. Learn which is the best for you. Click for more information.

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