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  • Key Factors for Structural Beam Calculation & Analysis

    Beams are a vital member of any design. Here are some of the most common types of beams and our most important tips for working with them.

    7 min read
  • 6 Tips To Take Your Structural Design Work From Good To Great

    How would you describe your structural design skills? Good? Great? Take them to the next level.

    9 min read
  • Top 8 Design and Code Mistakes for Structural Engineers

    Faulty structural analysis is often the root cause of many design mistakes. Here are some common design and code mistakes made by structural engineers.

    9 min read
  • Flitch Beam Design: How to Calculate & Design Bolting for Flitch Beams

    Designing the connection between the solid sawn members and the steel members of a flitch beam can be challenging. Let's review the methodology!

    4 min read
  • Formulae for Bending Stress, Shear Stress, and Normal Stress in Beam Calculations

    How to calculate three different types of stress in your beam designs

    2 min read
  • The Most Used Structural Engineering Terms & Definitions

    Structural engineering terminology can be confusing. Here is our list of 20+ terms you might run across.

    12 min read
  • Structural Engineering Basics: A Beginner's Guide

    Structural engineering is, put simply, the study and design of structures and non-structural elements that bear a load. Click here to learn more.

    5 min read