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  • Never Pay for StruCalc Again: How to Get Your Structural Engineering Software for Free

    The team here at StruCalc is excited to announce that a new referral program has been rolled out! Now, you can easily share StruCalc and get rewarded

    5 min read
  • What Happened to StruCalc Structural Engineering Software?

    Don't worry, StruCalc is still here! You can still download and use StruCalc 10 today. Learn more about the legacy version and how to get it here.

    6 min read
  • Legacy StruCalc File Importer

    Import a Legacy StruCalc 10 project into StruCalc Plus and Pro, preserving all of your loads, load trackers, sizes, spans, and building code settings.

    8 min read
  • StruCalc Feature Highlight: Design View

    Define your structural loads with ease and customize them later on the fly. Learn the difference between StruCalc's design and diagram views.

    3 min read
  • StruCalc Feature Highlight: Print Project

    Software is great and all, but sometimes you just need a hard copy. Enter StruCalc's Print Project feature. Read on to hear more about this developing feature.

    2 min read
  • StruCalc Feature Highlight: Print Preview

    StruCalc's Print Preview feature enables you to build a custom report to fit your needs. Just select what you need and StruCalc will generate the rest.

    5 min read
  • Apply, Edit, and Customize your Structural Loads

    While StruCalc conveniently generates default loads for you, chances are you will want to customize the forces applied to your designs. Learn how with StruCalc.

    5 min read
  • StruCalc Feature Highlight: Print Options

    StruCalc is capable of printing out your report or project, and the Print Options tool is what puts the power of customization in your hands.

    2 min read
  • Annotate Shear, Moment, & Deflection Diagrams

    Annotate your shear, moment, and deflection diagrams with the calculated value at any point along your diagram. Only in StruCalc Plus & Pro's VMD diagram tool.

    2 min read
  • Save Time by Customizing your Keyboard Shortcuts

    Save time by mapping a keyboard shortcut to common commands from StruCalc Plus and Pro's menus.

    3 min read
  • Customize the Appearance of your Interface with Themes

    Give your interface a face-lift with StruCalc's themes. Choose from three pre-defined options to suite your preference.

    1 min read
  • Our Multi-Monitor System Lets You Manage More Modules

    Utilize your extra screen real estate with StruCalc's multi-monitor support. Work on multiple modules at once or give your designs some room to breathe.

    5 min read