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Annotate Shear, Moment, & Deflection Diagrams

June 24, 2020|2 min read

StruCalc Software Feature: VMD Values at Location

The VMD values at location feature allows you to view diagram values at any given location on your design. This feature is located above the shear, moment, and deflection diagrams in the VMD panel of StruCalc Plus and Pro. 

  • Calc your module
  • In the right panel, add a location to the textbox
  • Click the calc button - values are shown to the right of the diagram type

To view the VMD values at a given location, first be sure to run the calculations on your module. Some modules don't have VMD diagrams, such as Footings or Stud and Shear Walls.

Once calculations have been, the VMD diagrams will appear in the right-hand panel of the application. In the text box above the diagrams, add a value, in decimals, between 0 and the length of the module. You can either click the calculator button to the right of the text box, or just click out of the text box in order to view the values.

The values will appear next to the title of the diagram.

To clear the values, just delete any text inside the text box and click the calculator button, or click outside of the text box. 

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