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Never Pay for StruCalc Again: How to Get Your Structural Engineering Software for Free

April 07, 2022|5 min read

Introducing our new referral program!

The team here at StruCalc is excited to announce that a new referral program has been rolled out alongside our most recent 1.7.8 update!

Now, you can easily share StruCalc with your friends, colleagues, and coworkers; and get rewarded whenever they join the project with an annual license.

Whoever you refer will get 10% off their purchase, and YOU could end up getting your subscription free for a full year!

How it works:

Head to your new referral dashboard to copy your unique referral code and share with a friend to net them a 10% discount on their first payment!

Optionally, copy and share the referral link as well to ensure you get credited if the user you refer forgets to use your coupon code.

That’s it! You have officially referred your first user!

How to get rewarded:

For every new user who purchases an annual subscription using your referral link or coupon code, you get credited with a coupon for $100 off your subscription.

You can find this coupon code in your referral dashboard 14 days after the user you refer signs up. Once you see it in your dashboard, you're free to apply it at any time! 

…Or for an even greater deal:

Don’t apply your $100 coupon. Save it.

Why? On your third successful referral, those $100 discounts will turn into a single 100 percent discount! Apply it to your subscription and get 100% off the cost of one full year of Vitruvius. For free!

For example, say you refer two friends.

And let’s say those friends each purchase an annual membership. As soon as their subscriptions are locked in (14 days) you’ll see 2x “$100 off” coupons available in your dashboard.

Refer a third colleague, and those two coupons will disappear and be replaced with a “100% off” coupon instead! 

It doesn’t end there—refer one more friend and get another $100 off. Or refer three more and get another 100% off that can be used next year. You could never pay for your software again.

Important tips on making the most out of our referral program:

1 Only annual subscriptions will earn you discounts.

  • Unfortunately, referring a friend who purchases a monthly membership won’t earn you any discounts. (It would be a nightmare for our Customer Support team if we allowed users to take advantage of our 30-day trial and return policy to game the referral program!)
  • Luckily, your unique referral code comes with a 10% discount which pairs nicely with an annual membership! Just remind your friends that ten percent off of an annual membership translates to $43 in savings minimum.

2 Do you have a monthly subscription? It's best to save up!

  • If you earn a $100 off coupon and apply it to a $39/month membership, you’re only going to get $39 off!
  • To get the most out of this program, you’ll need to save your coupons until you earn the 100% off coupon. Applying one to any monthly subscription will get you 12 months, or “100% off” the cost of a full year of Vitruvius.
  • To recap: if you have a monthly subscription, your $100 off coupons may not actually save you $100. Save up for the 100% off coupon instead!

3 Make sure you share your referral code and not just your referral link.

  • If you share your referral code and someone uses it, they’ll get 10% off! But:
  • if you ONLY share your referral link, the referral code won’t automatically be applied to their order and they won’t get 10% off their order.
  • For best results, share both your referral code (for them to use as a 10% off coupon) as well as your referral link to ensure you get credit!

4 Get the biggest discount on your subscription possible.

  • If you’re able to refer three friends, colleagues, family members, or strangers, then you can earn an entire year of Vitruvius, 100% free. But:
  • If you apply a $100 off coupon to your subscription, that coupon can’t be combined later on to earn a 100% off coupon!
  • In other words, it’s usually best to save your $100 off coupons unless you aren’t planning on referring anyone else!

5 When you’re ready to cash in, be sure to apply your discount(s)!

  • After you’ve done the work and earned your discounts, your next step is to apply them to your subscription. They won’t automatically apply themselves!
  • Navigate to your account’s subscriptions page and, under the subscription you want to apply a discount to, then hit the “APPLY COUPON” button and select your discount.

Wrapping up

For all of our veteran StruCalc and Vitruvius users who have been with us all these years, we are incredibly excited to have a program in place to begin to express our appreciation for your advocacy. Many of you have been with us for years and still continue to endorse and recommend us online and in your personal spheres of influence—for you, we’re incredibly grateful. We would not be here without you. 

It's been incredible to see so much enthusiasm from our user base after everything we’ve been through, so we knew we had to do something to show you all that your support means the world to us.

So there you have it: GIVE the gift of 10% off and GET the gift of 100% off!