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StruCalc Feature Highlight: Print Project

June 27, 2020|2 min read

Print Project allows you to print the entire project with all of the members, including individual members within a stud wall or shear wall. To generate a Project Report, save and close all modules/members and click the Print Project button in the Project Explorer in the left toolbar. 

Warnings and alerts

Warning messages will appear if a module/member has failed its calculation, or has not been calculated. In Print Project, a warning message will display for each unique module which has failed. If you select ‘OK’, the print document will still build and can be viewed. If ‘Cancel’ is selected, the print document will stop building and give you the opportunity to revise the module and update/upsize a property in the module to pass the calculations. Be sure to run calculations on your modules before trying to generate the Print Project document to ensure all of your module/member information is as current as possible. 

Coming Soon!

Print Project is an ongoing work in process and we understand how important it is to be able to customize your engineering reports. Features like being able to add/remove specific diagrams, control which pages are included in your print outs, generate PDF files for sending quick emails and permit submittals, etc. are all essential in helping make your jobs easier, which is why we're working diligently to get those things out to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience as we continuously try to put out more tools to improve your workflow and make StruCalc hands-down the best structural engineering calc software available. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!