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1.5.9 Patch Notes

September 12, 2020|2 min read

New Features

  • Set limitations on the minimum size of the application to ensure each tool in the application can be used effectively and efficiently
  • Added automatic ellipses to labels whose text have outgrown the size of the label
  • Added an overflow menu for toolbar buttons when the application window's width and height got below a certain size
  • Added functionality to resize Left/Right/Main/Bottom panels to better accommodate smaller screens and improve workflow.
  • Optimized CollarTie draw functionality
  • Updated Tool Tip text on some buttons to make them more descriptive
  • Added a dropdown button to the top toolbar to contain the Video and Walkthrough links to make more space for the Location textbox

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed password change bug
  • Fixed bug that sometimes stopped collar tie from drawing when a different load view was selected
  • Fixed the Collar Tie dimensions drawing off-screen when the application window got to be too small
  • Fixed Studwall Y Loading Diagram draw issues when the application window got below a certain size
  • Fixed beam dimension line drawing behind the beam diagram when the application window got below a certain size
  • Updated the 'Y' loading diagram for Stud Wall to scale more appropriately when the window containing the diagram got too small