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1.6.3 Patch Notes

December 23, 2020|2 min read

New Features

  • Added Connectors Plugin supporting the design of Wood Hangers


  • Support reactions now display the worst case for unbalanced loads
  • Print preview now displays both positive and negative live and roof live loads when unbalanced loads involved
  • VMD diagrams now display an "envelope" of loads when unbalanced live/roof live loading conditions are checked
  • Links now handles both positive and negative live/roof live load reactions separately when unbalanced live loads involved
  • Calculations now handle positive and negative linked live/roof live load support reactions separately on the linked member below when unbalanced live loads involved
  • Enabled save button immediately when creating a new project.
  • Removed password/confirm password inputs from the New Project window
  • Removed options to change database location and the location of other application files
  • Better session/login tracking
  • Improved account management
  • Added message alerting users that their subscription has expired

Bug Fixes

  • Removed a plain concrete continuous footing error that was appearing for the wood stem wall
  • Removed concrete cover warning message sometimes appearing repeatedly in Print Project
  • Fixed an issue causing the Print Project summary page to display a spacing for roof beams
  • Fixed bug causing error when multiple live or roof live loads used on multi-span beams w/ unbalanced load checked