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1.6.5 Patch Notes

January 28, 2021|2 min read

Recommend Recalculating:

Steel Beams
  • Pipes in all loading conditions.
  • HSS Rounds with high DCR, or large D/t ratios.
  • T's in all loading conditions.
  • L's in flexure (except those continuously braced with no OOP loading).
  • I's (W, S, M) in flexure with non-compact webs.
Wood Beams
  • Flitch beams with very large shear demands.
Concrete Beams
  • Continuous beams, and beams with negative moments.
  • Beams with very high shear demand.
  • T or L beams using self-weight.
  • Any beam which has significant reinforcement or significant flexural demand.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the application would initially start off-screen after login when switching between multiple monitor setups
  • Fixed issue where switching tabs would update ASD/LRFD selection
  • Fixed nonzero demands on adequacy cards when loads are not present
  • Fixed zero shear capacity shown on adequacy cards
  • Fixed location of maximum shear and moment shown on adequacy cards
  • Corrected moment in Y direction capacity (the previous version was conservative). Note: compression reinforcement is not considered due to confinement requirements
  • Fixed bug causing calculation error when rebar in each face is checked
  • Edited static quick help message
  • Added constraint on the number of rebar rows (4)
  • Steel Calculation Fixes
  • Fixed incorrect flitch beam shear stress calculation
  • Fixed / Disabled incorrect calculations of concrete beams. Calculation of beams with negative moments temporarily disabled
  • Fixed incorrect bearing pressure results at right support for SCL, Glulams, and I-Joists
  • Fixed incorrect roof beam end elevation difference adjusting based on roof pitch
  • Fixed Links issues w/ sloped I-joists
  • Fixed max adequacy location to display distances along the horizontal length instead of sloped length
  • Fixed Unsymmetric Collar Tie results
  • Fixed Collar Tie results for trapezoidal loading extending across the peak onto both rafters