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1.6.9 Patch Notes

April 09, 2021|2 min read


  • Concrete bearing wall no longer limits users to h/t limit of 25, now implements magnified moment procedure to account for second-order moment based on non-sway frames per ACI 318
  • Added session administration. Users can now end a locked session and administrators can now end sub-user sessions
  • Added ability to rename Project Levels in the Project Tree/Project Explorer
  • Hid or removed buttons and functionality in the Project Explorer tab that have not yet been implemented
  • 'Account' page now shows active licenses associated with that account and their expiration/renewal dates
  • Minor UI improvements to the Account and New Project windows.
  • Enhancements/adjustments to print document outputs including showing the Project Name in the top header .section of the print document, better utilizing the overall header space
  • Added labels for several modules to display the member's View Perspective (ex Plan View vs Section View vs Elevation View) to correspond with the selected view Axis
  • Added labels for Columns and Embedded posts to help clarify the base and tops of the member

Bug Fixes

  • The "report a problem" form submission has been resolved
  • BearingWall Print preview fixed to show missing reactions
  • Wind load deflection check fixed to use 0.42 factor instead of 1.0
  • Dimension lines in the main/loading diagram no longer showing values very slightly off (and as fractions)
  • Made the Left (Project Explorer/Properties) and Right (VMD Diagrams/Section Views) panels sized statically as their sizing was occasionally drawing erratically for users with, especially small screens
  • Fixed the Minimize and Maximize toolbar (left and right) buttons not working consistently/predictably
  • Embedded Post module no longer showing empty 'Options' property section
  • Fixed the Axis button/icon in the main/loading diagram for some modules where it wasn't always displaying the correct axis
  • Fixed issue with Collar Tie where adjusting the span length could cause the module to error, added better messaging for designing a Collar Tie member
  • Fixed an issue preventing the renaming of a project from within the project settings menu
  • Displaying the correct level name for Links Below/Links Above cards