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1.7.2 Patch Notes

May 20, 2021|1 min read


  • Connectors results screen now displays a preview window when a connector's model cell is clicked. You can view images of connectors, fastening information, dimensions, and a link to the product on
  • Fastening information is now included in print preview for connectors
  • Added number of laminations tool for headers of windows, doors, and collectors in the Stud Wall
  • Enabled modification of collar tie loads by clicking on them
  • Changed floor beam dimensions to automatically update when not using custom inputs


  • Fixed trapezoidal load magnitude units for floor joist and roof rafter
  • Fixed units for Isolated Footing concrete crushing adequacy
  • Fixed issue with stud wall collectors being printed past the edge of the page
  • Fixed issue with column and embedded post unbraced lengths not being saved
  • Fixed issue with span labels using top/bottom instead of X/Y for child columns of stud wall
  • Fixed issue with roof rafter wizard when entered span lengths are zero
  • Fixed issue with taskbar displaying double icon when using the module menu
  • Fixed HSS to show outer dimensions for depth/width in the display