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1.7.6 Patch Notes

December 16, 2021|1 min read


  • Enhanced calculation error messages
  • Limited concrete beams to a single span
  • Templates have been removed
  • The Add user UI has been improved
  • Improvements have been made to session administration
  • File menu items are disabled when not applicable
  • Removed Linear/Area radio buttons from calculators and wizards. Loads added as Area loads
  • Added ability to manually change page number in print preview panel
  • Removed roof pitch input from roof beam


  • Linked Loads section now prints to multiple pages
  • Orphaned linked loads are cleaned up
  • Fixed displayed Equation text for AISC checks in printout
  • The notes section of print preview now word wraps
  • Enforcing bracing limits for spans created through roof rafter and floor joist wizards
  • Changing the length of spans will now update the unbraced sections to update accordingly
  • Print Preview page printing constraints now works correctly
  • Getting values from NDS table 4D when using southern pine/mixed southern pine timber sizes
  • Self weight is added for I-Joists