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1.7.8 & 1.7.9 Patch Notes

March 22, 2022|2 min read

Patch 1.7.9 was released to address a login issue with patch 1.7.8. Most users will skip 1.7.8, but the limited number of users that did install 1.7.8 can now update to 1.7.9.


  • We have introduced a new referral program! You can send your referral code directly from the Vitruvius application
  • Users are now able to select color depending on the combination type for the load.
  • Users can now click the bar that separates module properties to expand and collapse the section
  • When importing projects from Strucalc to Vitruvius, the notes associated with each module will now be included in the import


  • Users are now given a 30 day grace period to continue using the application if the subscription is on hold
  • Added a trial expiration notice to let users know they will be charged
  • All information on adequacy cards is now visible and not cut off on smaller screens
  • Tab controls now have a uniform look across the application, including in the settings
  • Improved textbox aesthetics
  • Improved aesthetics for checkboxes
  • Updated print header to reduce ink usage when printing
  • Better user messaging for Vitruvius Academic installation
  • Improvement to user roles and permissions for account management
  • The database has been optimized and is now %50 smaller in size
  • The "Flat Use" checkbox will now swap the width and depth fields in the UI rather than doing it in the calculation code


  • Do not show survey pop-up checkbox is now visible in the medium theme
  • The application no longer crashes when the notes box is empty and the 'Include in Print Document' checkbox is checked
  • Improved aesthetic of the property section arrows
  • Cantilever beams will no longer show the button to add a connector. Connectors will be removed from a cantilever when the user sets the support to free
  • When creating a new project in a file path that does not exist, the program will create the path rather than crashing.