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2.0.3 Patch Notes

September 29, 2022|2 min read


  • Shear walls will now display a message describing how to use the module
  • Added Bearing Length to Print Preview for Collar Tie Module
  • Added Steel Pressure to Flitch Plate design
  • Added a Total Load column on the Print Preview for Reactions
  • Added a new setting for the Default Bearing Length
  • Hitting Enter button on the keyboard runs calculationsy


  • Glulams are now allowed in Collar Tie Design
  • Shearwall species calc improvements
  • Tributary Width Calculator now allows decimal values
  • Theme and UI improvements for better legibility
  • The add new user panel has been updated to work with plus and pro
  • Added Windows 10/11 form controls for improved UI experience
  • The wet/dry selector has been moved to the FSFactor section
  • Added units to bending compression and bending tension adequacy cards


  • Fixed Various calc error issues
  • Improved UI for adequacy cards
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to log in due to the system being unable to read the date time coming back from the authentication server
  • The black theme now works in the Academic version
  • When closing the application sessions are now closed properly
  • Fix to save user's username on the first login
  • The academic version will now display the rebranded application title bar
  • Fixed the spacing on Retaining Wall General Properties
  • Fixed issue with Collar Tic calculator freezing
  • Fixed issue with settings dropdown not being all the way visible