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2.1.10 Patch Notes

January 02, 2023|2 min read


  • Added option to disable the backfill for loads on diagrams when printing
  • Added ability to edit supports from the support cards


  • Collar Tie trapezoidal links are now limited to the length of the member
  • Multiple point loads on columns will now stack on the diagram
  • Added column on print preview that shows reaction totals for Retaining Wall and Bearing Wall
  • The reactions tab on a calculated member now has nested tabs to easier navigate reaction data


  • Various visual fixes
  • Print project summary page fixes
  • Fixed issue with blank screen when zero connectors were found in query
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from moving shear walls in the project explorer
  • Fixed a UI bug on Retaining Wall dowels
  • Fixed issue where designed by/approved by fields weren't saving in project settings
  • Fixed issue where the member name was only showing on the first page of prints
  • Fixed visual bug on collar tie prints
  • Fixed issue on embedded posts that allowed spans to have a larger unbraced length than the total length of the span
  • Fixed issue with load cards not drawing correctly