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2.1.12 Patch Notes

January 04, 2023|2 min read


  • Added a mouseover event on links in loading diagrams so that the linked member's name appears
  • Added setting to allow users to choose how adequacy ratios are calculated.
  • Added ability to clear the recent projects list


  • Added configurable Lc/r warning for columns
  • Pressing the enter key on the login screen will now submit
  • The currently open project file path will now appear in the application title bar
  • The print project feature will no longer require that users close all members prior to printing
  • When a link is added to a member, the related connector button is no longer shown
  • The Reviewed By print project settings will now default to blank
  • Improvements to the Isolated Footing Minimum Design Requirement card


  • Visual fix on span cards
  • Fixed issue on column print previews where loads were getting cut off
  • Visual improvement to the themes tab in settings
  • Fixed text overflowing on Bending-Tension Adequacy Card
  • Visual fix for isolated footing Adequacy section
  • Visual fix on some boxes in print previews
  • Visual fix for support cards
  • Fixed issue where the default project location was mistakenly being set when a user opened a project