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2.4.3 Patch Notes

August 14, 2023|1 min read


  • Beams now allow up to 10 laminations except when using a flitch beam
  • Updated joist and rafter defaults to reflect common construction scenarios
  • Improvement to material preferences combo boxes
  • The length for new loads on studwalls now default to the entire wall
  • Added validation message for the continuous footing stemwall width being limited to the footing width
  • Masonry Beam width dropdowns now contain common sizes

Bug Fixes

  • Trapezoidal loads will now only allow for only positive or only negative magnitude, but not both
  • Fixed bug that prevented roof rafter pitch from saving
  • Fixed the elevation length label
  • Fixed spinning buttons in light theme
  • Fixed error that would sometimes occur in bottom toolbar
  • Fixed error that would occur when adding a left span to a beam
  • Fixed material preferences "Restore to Default"