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StruCalc and Vitruvius are Getting Major Updates

April 07, 2022|5 min read

StruCalc by The Vitruvius Project is the industry’s go-to tool for quick and easy structural calculations. Historically, it has been an absolute favorite among engineers and architects—often being their first choice when testing some quick calcs or building out an entire structure. Today, the team behind the classic StruCalc software (as well as its contemporary “Vitruvius” platform) have announced an upcoming update to the classic software that will keep it working better than ever. This announcement comes alongside a new rebrand initiative and other exciting announcements for the future of the StruCalc by Vitruvius. Read on to see what’s next for StruCalc!

New looks, new features, and a classic feel

Vitruvius currently has two main offerings: the legacy “StruCalc” platform that most know and love, and the newer and more versatile "Vitruvius” platform. Soon, the Vitruvius platform and it’s four pricing tiers (“Vitruvius StruCalc”, “Base I”, “Base II”, and top-level “Base III” tier) will be rejoining the legacy StruCalc family and be condensed into two new, concise tiers: “StruCalc Plus” and “StruCalc Pro”. All together, the StruCalc/Vitruvius lineup will soon include just three pricing tiers:

  • StruCalc 11, the legacy software platform, newly updated for 2022
  • StruCalc Plus, the new name for Vitruvius StruCalc and Vitruvius Base I
  • StruCalc Pro, the new name for the top-of-the-line Vitruvius Base III

To celebrate the release of the StruCalc 11 and the entire software line moving back under the StruCalc umbrella, the team at The Vitruvius Project has some exciting updates for both platforms:

StruCalc 11 Remastered

For those who prefer the legacy StruCalc platform, StruCalc 11 will be a welcome one:

  • Support for the latest building codes
  • The same familiar user interface, but with new options for theming and customization
  • A number of quality-of-life updates and enhancements
  • More features in planning and development to be rolled out in the weeks and months after the 11.0 release.

Fans of the legacy StruCalc software will surely be glad to hear that the dated software is getting some love. But what does this change mean for those who have joined the Vitruvius Project more recently and use the more advanced Vitruvius platform?

The brand new StruCalc Plus and Pro — now featuring retaining walls!

Users of the newer Vitruvius platform have a number of things to look forward to when Vitruvius becomes StruCalc Plus and Pro:

  • An often-requested feature: a new Retaining Wall module for all Plus and Pro-tier users!
  • The same Vitruvius user interface, but with new theming options & customizability.
  • The Wood Connectors and Bearing Wall plugins will no longer be an add-on: With the release of StruCalc Plus and Pro, they will be built-in and absolutely free.
  • Free upgrades will be offered for all existing Vitruvius StruCalc, Base I, and Base II customers who want to try out the feature-packed “StruCalc Pro” for the rest of the year. (Base III users always get immediate access to all features by default, including automatically transitioning to StruCalc Pro!)
  • A multitude of new features in planning and development, to be rolled out in the weeks and months after the 11.0 release. Keep an eye out for cold formed steel and metric support by quarter four.

As you can see, current users can expect a painless transition with no new learning curve—both the legacy platform and Vitruvius platform will retain all of the same functionality and usability that we’ve come to expect.

No user left behind

Beyond the new name and look, very little will be changing for either platform in terms of usability. The team aims to keep the new StruCalc 11 as close as possible to the legacy software without compromising on quality and features, so users should only expect to see some new, optional features along with a refreshed look. Likewise, users of Vitruvius StruCalc, Base I, II, and III will notice a new name and logo, some optional new themes, and even some powerful (but optional) features that shouldn’t impact their workflow. At the end of the day, there should be very little learning curve for those who have used either software platform in the past. Best of all, no one will have to learn to use a platform they aren’t already familiar with unless they choose to test the other platform.

More announcements and features to come

The team at Vitruvius has promised more announcements and answers as their target date draws near. In the meantime, some of the exciting updates that have been hinted at include a new printing rework, updated building codes, metric support, and cold formed steel—not to mention the free upgrades for existing users! Those interested in learning more about the company or its software are encouraged to reach out via its official website and to follow their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages in order to be kept in the loop as more announcements and details roll out.

About Vitruvius

Headquartered in Oregon, Vitruvius is comprised of a diverse and talented team of creative engineers and developers who are passionate about architectural design and structural engineering. Since its inception as StruCalc and its later revival as “The Vitruvius Project” four years ago, the team’s software has built a reputation for its intuitive interface, accurate and robust calculation engine, and time-saving capabilities.