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Accurate calculation software to streamline plan reviews for building officials

Enhance your plan review process with StruCalc’s powerful structural engineering tools—great for plan reviewers and permit officials. StruCalc provides structural analysis and gives reviewers insights they need to ensure success.

Retaining Wall Module

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Streamline repetitive tasks

Streamline your project workflow and execute with precision.

Get your time back

Use dynamic reactions to start saving time during project changes.

Provide accurate results

Present deliverables efficiently while meeting strict deadlines.

Easy to use interface while examining plans

Clean easy to use interface that removes clunky processes and the need for hand calcs. Eliminate wasted time trying to find what you need and provide answers quickly. StruCalc reduces the need for hand calculations and creates easier project design navigation.

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Streamline your structural analysis

Let StruCalc do the work for you. The link load paths automatically update the calculations based on the loads being changed. Link from the top of your structural design to the foundation. Gain insight into every structure that you are working on.

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Features plan reviewers love

Link load paths

Dynamically track your loads with linked paths.

Common engineering design materials

Comprehensive and customizable database.

Code & standard references

2024 International Building Code and 2024 National Design Specification.

Auto sizing

Let StruCalc engines do the work for you.

Quick calcs

Automatically populate calculations when designing loads. Streamlining repetitive design calculations.

Design view

Easy to use legacy load inputs.

More features than anyone

Best pricing in the industry

No one else offers as many features as StruCalc. Get more for your money and join thousands of architects and engineers that have chosen StruCalc as their informed design partner.

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ClearCalcs Pro:
Personalized Onboarding
1:1 Engineering Support
2024 IBC
2024 NDS
User Themes
Curved Glulams
Metric Units
Collar Ties
Out of Plane Loading
Bearing Walls
Linked Load Tracking
Masonry Beams
Concrete Columns
Masonry Columns
Concrete Walls
Masonry Walls
2021 IBC
2018 IBC
2018 NDS
Imperial Units
Solid Sawn
Structural Composite
24+ Load Combinations
Beam & Joist Spans 10+
Live & Dead Loads
Isolated Footings
Continuous Footings
Embedded Posts
Hip & Valley Beams
Flitch Beam
Stud Walls
Wind, Snow, & Seismic Loads
Advanced Footing Loads
Multi-span Columns
Retaining Walls
Beam Analysis
Wall Analysis
Concrete Beams
Wood Shearwalls
Wood Hangers

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